McAleer Water Conditioning

Serving Northeast Iowa



Automatic Withdrawal and Email Statements

Let Auto Pay do the work for you.  Each month more of our customers enjoy the convenience of:

  • One less bill to remember to pay and check to write.
  • No more searching for stamps and paying the current postage rate to send a payment.
  • No more dashes to the post office to get a payment mailed before being charged a late fee.

Download the bill pay form here.  Print it, fill it out and sign it.  Send it in with your next payment or
scan and email it to us at with a voided check to have your payments
automatically deducted from your bank account.

You can also sign up to receive your statements by email.

  • No more bills lying around to add to the clutter.
  • No more getting statements late when you are out of town.
  • Email statements save trees and save land fill space.

Just check the box on the auto pay form if you would like to receive your statements by email.